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A blog about how paintings, photographs, and prints have helped me visualize my fiction—both Where the Light Falls and works-in-progress—with a hope that they will stimulate other writers and readers, too.

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An American woman art student meets a Civil War veteran in Belle Époque Paris.


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Picturing a World

Harriet Backer

April 29, 2016

Tags: Scandinavian artists, women artists, rooms

Website tipBlue Interior by artist Harriet Backer is featured on today’s Lines and Colors. I have shown here another of her interiors, a Breton kitchen, that I wish I had known when I was writing Where the Light Falls. Not only does it illustrate the Gernagans’ kitchen, it fits perfectly with Jeanette’s motif of rooms as “portraits without people.”

Carolus-Duran (4)

April 19, 2016

Tags: Carolus-Duran, studio

Readers of this blog know that I'm always on the lookout for pictures that illustrate Where the Light Falls. Jeanette specially notices the size of Carolus-Duran's palette when she first see him painting Cornelia Renick's portrait—et voilà!

Absence of evidence

April 11, 2016

Tags: fashion or clothes

Absence of evidence is famously not evidence of absence. Just because next to no medieval underwear for women has physically survived and few documents refer to it clearly doesn’t mean that medieval women didn’t wear any.

The fantasy I’m working on is set in a world that, by and (more…)