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A blog about how paintings, photographs, and prints have helped me visualize my fiction—both Where the Light Falls and works-in-progress—with a hope that they will stimulate other writers and readers, too.

A small sample of the images that inspired me appears below. Click on these or any images in the posts to see enlargements. In the text, click on colored words to activate links.

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An American woman art student meets a Civil War veteran in Belle Époque Paris.


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Norman Garstin

November 28, 2016

Tags: Carolus-Duran, Pont Aven, art colony

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For the most part, I try to focus on lesser known women artists in this blog; but today my attention was caught by a man new to me, Norman Garstin. He studied with Carolus-Duran in Paris, painted in Brittany at about the same time (more…)

Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner

November 23, 2016

Tags: caricature, magazine, suffrage

How marvelous to see Asians, African-Americans, a native of the First Nation, and women among those invited to Uncle Sam’s 1869 Thanksgiving Dinner—with universal suffrage as centerpiece! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. (more…)

Into another wood

November 13, 2016

In reply to a question from Haruki Murakami about conducting Mahler, Seiji Ozawa says in a November 5th interview in the Guardian that when he "first saw the work of Klimt and Egon Schiele, they came as a real shock to me. Since then, I’ve made it a point (more…)

Wan November

November 11, 2016

Tuesday, after I had voted, I came down with Lyme Disease. The nation came down with worse. How we deal with the next four years, how we heal, remains to be seen; but I take comfort in art like this. While it proposes no grand solutions, it enables us to cherish even the waning of the year. We must each find ways within our spheres to live our ideals, to practice art, to love nature, to nurture one another even if it means continuing to go into the woods where there are deer ticks.