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Picturing a World

Paris in Mourning

As we all try to absorb the implications of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, it seems fair for each of us to dwell with love on the aspects of the city and the people that mean the most to us. Paris has had a bloody, violent history yet who can deny its beauty or its embodiment of civilized life? I love this quiet picture of people on the bridge Jeanette crosses on her first day in Paris as she sets out to explore the art that will be her future. What a gift Paris has given us all by assuring generation after generation that art, music, and literature matter!

Via Lines and Colors.

Sadly, it is well also to remember that beauty is interwoven with darkness. Grievances abound, and the past complicates easy judgments in the present. For the 1961 massacre of Algerian demonstrators by Paris police, click here.
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