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When this website began, it was devoted primarily to Where the Light Falls, my first published work of fiction. Please visit my blog to see many images that illustrate it and click here to read an interview about how it was written.

Since its publication, my agent has died and my editor has left Penguin, so I'm on my own. When Where the Light Falls was published, I had begun working on a second historical novel, "Anonymity," set in New York city in 1908. Its heroine works in children's book publishing and the women's suffrage movement. "Anonymity" and 1908 keep popping up in my blog, but frankly, the project is lagging. I'm not interested in the hustle required for self-publication. Instead, I am mostly writing fantasy fiction for my own satisfaction and short stories whenever they stir my imagination. And as my blog reflects, I also keep an eye on the wonderful books other people are writing and their thoughts on artistic creativity.

Look at what the critics said about Where the Light Falls:

"[A] literary passport to … Paris, the magic one, when the Belle Époque drew aspiring artists to bohemian parties and the teaching studios of charismatic masters."—Amy Shearn at Oprah.com

"… a lovely painterly novel set in late 19th century Paris. What a perfect book for a review and literary tour by The American Girls Art Club in Paris.—The American Girls Art Club in Paris

One of 55 Books to make you happier.—Prevention

"… recommended for a fresh look at artists at the vortex of an artistic revolution."—Jeanne Green of the Historical Novel Society.

"This thought-provoking, touching novel will certainly interest Edith Wharton fans." —Kathe Robin in Romantic Times

"With a painting and writing workshop in Tuscany on our fall calendar, I recently found myself captured by a new novel by Katherine Keenum, Where the Light Falls"—Cathy Salter, Notes from Boomerang Creek, in the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune (March 18,2013)