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Picturing a World

Joan Carlile at the Tate

Blog tip: A portrait of a woman by artist Joan Carlile, ca. 1650, has been purchased by Tate Britain in London. Read more at the History Blog post, Tate acquires its earliest portrait by woman artist.
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Stenographer or reporter?

Mattie Palmer, the heroine of ANONYMITY, my work-in-progress, is a “stenographer” or secretary in a publishing firm. Before going to New York around 1900, she had been a reporter in Cincinnati.

So far, I haven’t been able to find the short story, “A Girl Who Became a Reporter,” for which this is an illustration;  Read More 
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Clipping services

A minor plot turn early in ANONYMITY could be most easily handled if clipping services existed in 1908. They did! A Londoner named Henry Romeike seems to have begun the first one ca. 1880, and the idea rapidly spread. At first, they tended to be cottage industries; but soon companies were hiring readers, mostly women,  Read More 
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Laura Johnson Knight

Website tip: A recent post at It’s About Time introduced me to English artist Laura Johnson Knight

As summer nears its end, this image from 1908, the year my current work-in-progress is set, overlaps nicely with my continuing interest  Read More 
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