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Picturing a World

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkeys, a New World species, were introduced to Europe in the 16th C and quickly became associated with holiday celebrations, especially Christmas. When 19th C American students abroad wanted to celebrate their home country’s Thanksgiving holiday, therefore, the birds were available. The Hotel Baudy  Read More 
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The main thing I wanted to readers to feel with Jeanette and Effie when they landed in Dieppe was how foreign France looked and felt to them and how exciting. It also mattered to me to get the geography right. The tall houses facing the quay helped on both scores.  Read More 
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I don’t know whether Pissarro’s Turkeys hung at the 4th Impressionist Exhibition (and don’t have The New Painting: Impressionism 1874–1886 at hand to check), but it could have. For an 1876 painting of turkeys by Monet, click here.

Happy Thanksgiving! Read More 
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