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Picturing a World

Calligraphic ♥♥

As some of you know, I’ve been spending time looking at medieval manuscript images to stimulate my imagination. Today, my mouth dropped open when I came across these hearts inserted in a line of poetry. I can’t make out all the text, but the line in which they occur does really and truly use the heart symbols to take the place of the word coeurs: “By which the high hearts of those who …” Best I can tell, this shape came to symbolize love or the heart in the 15th C, but I’d never before seen it used this way. I ♥ medieval art! Read More 
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Anna Ancher’s flower arrangers

Blog tip: At It’s About Time Barbara Wells Sarudy has been posting a series of paintings under the title of “Arranging Flowers around the Globe.” This one by Anna Ancher is clearly a study, not a finished work (note that the artist did not sign it). Artists can treasure each other’s studies, and collectors often like to own them. (Not so likely for first drafts of short stories and novels!) Read More 
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