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Picturing a World

Witches’ interiors

Blog post alert: I’ve just finished my annual rereading of Greer Gilman’s Moonwise. The interior of Malycorne’s cot in all its iterations in the novel is pure enchantment, my favorite witch’s hut in literature. But isn’t this one dandy? It makes me want to invent  Read More 
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Wig Stands and Boot Jacks

Blog post alert: Historical fiction writers and fantasists (or Christmas shoppers!) in search of inspiration, check out Furniture Trade Cards of Old London at Spitalsfield Life for November 27, 2017.
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Magic Apple Tree

For an autumnal Thanksgiving bonus before holly, mistletoe, and fir trees take over, here is a bonus Samuel Palmer (via Wikipedia Commons).
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Harvest Moon

Grain is harvested at the end of summer, not in November, but the American Thanksgiving originates in gratitude for the harvest. Rather than rush into the frenzy of a commercialized Christmas season, I am lingering with rural imagery by Samuel Palmer, whom I have  Read More 
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Parisian posters

On Sunday, I attended the opening lecture for a new exhibition at the Clark Art Institute, The Impressionist Line: From Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec, which examines works drawn or printed on paper. The show runs through January 1, 2018, with several talks and activities  Read More 
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Florist’s interior

It was partly paintings of outdoor markets and street-corner flower-sellers that inspired me to have Jeanette buy flowers from time to time in Where the Light Falls, but I sent Edward into an upscale Parisian florist’s shop. Although I knew they existed, I had never found a painting of one until  Read More 
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