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Picturing a World

Mary Bradish Titcomb

Although these young women date from some thirty years after the action of Where the Light Falls,, they immediately made me think of my characters sketching en plein air in Pont Aven, and I am specially grateful to a blog post at It’s About Time for introducing me to Read More 
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Solar system quilt

Website alert: At the moment, I’m working on a short story with an astronomical motif so this quilt jumped out at me. Wow!

The quilter was born in Cincinnati. An Ohio connection and a date in the mid-1870’s places her and the piece right in my imaginary Palmers’ milieu. Worth  Read More 
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Anna Alma-Tadema

Today at an exhibition, Orchestrating Elegance: Alma-Tadema and Design at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Mass., I saw a reproduction of this watercolor by Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s daughter Anna Alma-Tadema. Another portrait without people! As a novelist, I find these 19th C paintings of unpeopled rooms helpful aids to imagination. The suggest a sensibility but leave me free to imagine my own stories.  Read More 
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National Museum of Stockholm

Blog alert! The June 6th post at the invaluable Line and Colors blog announces a Treasure trove of high-res images from Nationalmuseum Stockholm and gives instructions on how to explore it. After visiting the sight, I chose this image by Anders Zorn because  Read More 
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Carolus-Duran, fencer

A recent update from a correspondent who is doing research on Carolus-Duran led me to look over my collection of images by or about the artist. To my surprise, I saw that I have never posted this drawing of Carolus as a fencer. His swordsmanship made him dashing to his students—and to me!

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