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Picturing a World

Carolus-Duran, fencer

A recent update from a correspondent who is doing research on Carolus-Duran led me to look over my collection of images by or about the artist. To my surprise, I saw that I have never posted this drawing of Carolus as a fencer. His swordsmanship made him dashing to his students—and to me!

The page is from the article, Charles de Kay, "Fencing and Fencers in Paris," in The Cosmopolitan, Vol. XII, no. 3 (January, 1892). (It can be read on line at Google Books; but, sorry, I haven't been able to make a link work.)

The author of “Fencing and Fencers in Paris,” Charles de Kay was a Yale graduate, writer, the literary and art editor of the New York Times from 1876 to 1894, consul general to Berlin under Grover Cleveland, and founding member of several clubs, including the Fencers Club of New York, which was organized in 1880.

I have not been able to identify the illustrator, who (if I read the signature correctly) was named Kendall, but I do enjoy artwork in magazines. If anybody knows who this is, please let me know.
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