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Picturing a World

Back to Greenwich Village

Website tip: The YA novelist Polly Shulman pointed me to Monovision’s selection of early 20th C photographs of Bohemian Greenwich Village taken by Jessie Talbox Beals. Having finished my fantasy novel, I’m plunging back into ANONYMITY. Thank you, Polly! Read More 
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Poupée en Bas

La Poupée en Bas, where Jeanette and Cousin Effie meet Sonja to discuss her eviction, is completely fictional, confected from what I learned about supper clubs and various informal arrangements made by male artists for taking communal meals. It was easy to imagine that women artists might also join together to avoid having to cook or go out to restaurants. I then had the fun of inventing the arrangement with La Belle Hélène, describing the decor, and visiting the place from time to time with my characters. But, of course, there is no illustration of it. As a substitute (and a plug for a future novel), I’m borrowing from research Read More 
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