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Picturing a World

Palmer and touch

Blog post tip: A post on Samuel Palmer's trees at Charley Parker's Lines and Colors is a good follow-up to thoughts about touch in graphic art and fiction. A few days ago, I heard about a child who climbed into the crotch of a tree  Read More 

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Palmer’s Christmas

Samuel Palmer’s art has sparked in me a new appreciation of what etchings can do. This tender scene of a shepherd returning home in moonlight was inspired by lines from John Bampfylde’s sonnet, “On Christmas” (1778):

Old Christmas comes, to close the waned year,
And aye the shepherd's heart to make right glad;
Who, when his teeming flocks are homeward had,
To blazing hearth repairs, and nut-brown beer;
And views, well pleased, the ruddy prattlers dear
Hug the grey mongrel …

Hearth, gentle light, loved ones, and the wonder of new interests be yours this Christmas Eve. Read More 
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Magic Apple Tree

For an autumnal Thanksgiving bonus before holly, mistletoe, and fir trees take over, here is a bonus Samuel Palmer (via Wikipedia Commons).
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Harvest Moon

Grain is harvested at the end of summer, not in November, but the American Thanksgiving originates in gratitude for the harvest. Rather than rush into the frenzy of a commercialized Christmas season, I am lingering with rural imagery by Samuel Palmer, whom I have  Read More 
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