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Picturing a World

Truly, deeply felt

Blog tip: Do a double-take at Lucy Sparrow's Felt Corner Shop. Oh, how I hope I can incorporate such playfulness and dedication into something one of my characters does!
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Vassar dorm room

“We had two of the dearest rooms, opening into each other, with four windows in the larger. That was mine—absolutely darling!—embroidered pillows all over the couch, and easy chairs, and a tea-table … and photographs stuck up everywhere … and a border of posters at the top of the wall, and signs which  Read More 

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Guns of August

Website tip: In this centenary of the start of World War I, the Imperial War Museum in London has mounted a page devoted to 6 Stunning First World War Artworks by Women War Artists.
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Back to a future restaurant

Oh, what fun! I thought when I saw a Public Domain Review post on Albert Robida’s Leaving the Opera in the Year 2000. I keep an eye out for cafés and restaurants and will cheerfully add this one to my directory of imaginary eating places. The verve and wit of Robida’s style carries well from Jeanette’s 19th C into Mattie’s 20th C—for that matter, as a chic French version of steampunk right into the 21st C.  Read More 
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Suffragists in England

Blog tip For ideas about what Mattie's suffragist group might be up to, I read about the suffragist movement in England as well as America. Today's Spitalfield Life's East End Suffragette Map caught my eye.
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Martha Walter

Blog tip: A post on Martha Walter introduced me to this American artist who studied in Paris. She spent time in Chattanooga, Tenn., at a time when the real Jeanette lived there. If anybody has an idea how to learn more about Walter's connection to Chattanooga, please let me know! Read More 
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