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Picturing a World

Sales record

Breaking news: This portrait, privately owned by the same family for a hundred years, has sold for a record $65,000,000. Not what it would have brought in 1881!
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Votes for Women in Cincinnati

Of course, this should have been posted on Monday with an exhortation to vote (I hope you did). If you find the results of Tuesday's elections depressing, remember our foremothers worked and worked and kept working despite.

The Library of Congress captions this photograph, "Miss Louise Hall with brush and Miss Susan Fitzgerald assisting bill posting in Cincinnati."  Read More 
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Sunrise, sunset

In the first draft of a chapter in ANONYMITY, I had a meeting of my suffragist group break up around 7:00 P.M. and wrote that it was still light outside. Before beginning the next chapter, which would follow Mattie home on the streets of Manhattan, I wanted to firm up the novel’s chronology.  Read More 
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