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Picturing a World

Sunrise, sunset

In the first draft of a chapter in ANONYMITY, I had a meeting of my suffragist group break up around 7:00 P.M. and wrote that it was still light outside. Before beginning the next chapter, which would follow Mattie home on the streets of Manhattan, I wanted to firm up the novel’s chronology. The meeting ought to take place in mid May. Would the sun have been visible at that hour in the years before Daylight Savings Time? Hurrah! Exactly the tool I needed was available on the web in the form of Times of Sunrise and Sunset in the United States, which published in my very year, 1908. And, whew!! a mid-May evening was indeed still light at that time.

Other useful sites include (1) Time and Date, (2) NOAA Solar Calculator, and (3) Star Date Sunrise and Sunset Calculator.

Meanwhile, sigh, in real life it's time to get used to darker, earlier evenings again.
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