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Picturing a World

Carolus-Duran (2)

Although I did not try to dramatize a scene in which either Carolus-Duran or John Singer Sargent played a keyboard instrument, it was tempting, for both were superb musicians. Carolus's organ was notable among the many props and objets d'art in his studio. Sometimes he played it to distract restless children who sat for him. For my description of Jeanette and Effie’s visit to his Thursday morning studio open house, I relied on an article by French art critic Albert Wolff and did not include this corner (which looks to me as though it has had furniture crammed in to make way for the photographer's equipment and lights), yet seeing the picture assured me that I couldn't overdo the sumptuousness.

For an 1892 New York Times article about Carolus-Duran and his studio, click here.
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