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Picturing a World

Helen Stratton

Born in 1867, artist Helen Stratton would be a near contemporary of my new heroine Mattie, who is employed in the children’s book publishing industry and would therefore know her illustrations. With no more relevance than that to my own work, I’m posting an picture I like because it’s the sort of thing that has appealed to my imagination ever since I was a girl. Writers, I believe, should cherish our loves without trying to analyze them too much—and so should you, reader, especially at Christmastime!

Many thanks to Terri Windling’s blog post for bringing Stratton to my attention (and reflecting so thoughtfully on stories).

To view Stratton’s illustrations in The Lily of Life (1913) by the Crown Princess of Romania, and read the story, click here. To view a selection of the illustrations only, click here.

For a librarian’s blog spot on discovering Stratton’s illustrations, click here.

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