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Picturing a World

Pre-Raphaelite women artists

Blog tip: This montage of paintings by Kate Bunce, Evelyn de Morgan, Marie Spartali Stillman, Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale, Emma Sandys, and Joanna Mary Boyce heads The art of creating a life, a post at Terri Windling’s Myth and Moor blog. Her primary focus in the post is another woman, Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, whose life would have been an inspiration to my characters, Jeanette Palmer (for her art) and Mattie Palmer (for activism in the woman’s suffrage movement).

The national news this fall has been a long overdue airing of dirty linen. Women have not only been abused in the past—and up to this very minute—but also neglected and forgotten. In fact, let’s face it, most people’s lives slip away into oblivion. So a joy of scholarship, whether for academic articles, blog posts, or serious historical fiction, can be bringing out the real hardships and real accomplishments of women like those whose works are pictured here.

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