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Picturing a World

Puppets in the Park

It’s December 23rd, the day Cousin Effie takes Angelica to a marionette show in the park, so I’m going to leave Jeanette and Edward in the summertime Luxembourg Garden and detour into Christmas. Well, I admit it's also summer in Ellen Houghton's picture of a puppet show in the leafy Tuileries Garden, but I loved running across this image in Abroad while I had a wintry version of the classic children’s entertainment in mind.

There were puppet theaters in both the Luxembourg and Tuileries gardens and elsewhere in Paris in the 19th C, and there still are. For information on performances today, click here. For a clip of a French puppet show in a park, click here—and, please, if you recognize the movie it’s from, tell us what it is in a comment!
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