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Picturing a World

Women in the East End, Londo

Blog tip: Check out two photographic blog posts at Spitalsfield Life. Together they offer countless visual details and suggest scores of stories. Women of the Old East End publishes carte-de-visites of women from the 1860’s to 1940. I’ve chosen this girl with her hair down because, had the picture been available a decade ago, I might have studied it when I was thinking about Jeanette and her friends. There’s a whole range of facial expressions, fashion, and clothing construction in the set.

In a totally different mood, Women of the New East End celebrates the great range of jobs held by women today—bus driver, electrician, architect, dancer, among them—and also the racial diversity of this quarter of London. They were all taken by the superb photographer . She and the women she depicts will inspire you to get going!
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