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Picturing a World

Three more shopping days til Christmas

The heroine of ANONYMITY, Mattie Palmer, works in an office near Madison Square, so imagine her witnessing crowds like this. I’ve set the novel in warm weather for various reasons, but winter settings have advantages. Cold, snow, and sleet give urgency to action, and respite from misery in cozy havens are among my favorite scenes in fiction. December also offers vicarious experience of the rush and excitement of Christmas. What about you, do you like read or write about particular seasons?

William Glackens came to my attention because he began his artistic career as an illustrator, as did his friend John Sloan. His wife, Edith Dimock was one of those female artists who gave up her career upon marriage. She was very rich, so I suppose she did what she wanted to.

A traveling exhibition of Glackens’ work as an illustrator is currently on view at the Barnes Foundation (November 8, 2014–February 2, 2015). To view digital images from the foundation’s own collection, click here.

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping, get out there and good luck!
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