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Picturing a World

Time to write

Newcomers, welcome! This is my blog devoted primarily to illustrating the world of Where the Light Falls and thinking about how images can shape stories. Please explore the archives. Beginning in November 2012, the posts follow the novel more or less chronologically. Tags direct you to topics more analytically. I promise earlier posts contain gorgeous pictures and links to all sorts of online information as well as further images.

Faithful followers: thank you, thank you, for coming back regularly! I have tried to make each post useful to you rather than mere navel-gazing from me. It’s going to be hard to resist the urge to toss in a blog post when I run across an image or a link or a topic we’d all enjoy, nevertheless—

—as you can guess, I’m also saying au revoir for now. Blogging takes time, yet it’s easier to knock off a post than to write fiction. For me, posting twice a week has been a way to procrastinate while doing something to soothe my writer’s conscience. Now it’s time to buckle down and focus hard on ANONYMITY .

I hope one day you’ll see an announcement for a new novel forthcoming from Katherine Keenum. If so, check back here again for more posts on the relations between visual stimulation, research, and writing fiction. Meanwhile, thank you again for your company. Read, write, and imagine new worlds.

And, please, everybody, comments are still welcome for any of the posts. I hope to hear from you.
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