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Picturing a World


When Jeanette and Amy take up the full nude at the Académie Julian in the fall of 1879, they have taken informal anatomy lessons from Wee Willie Winkham, based on the skeleton he owns as a medical student. Know the Skeleton, a recent post at the Gurney Journey blog from which I have taken this Poynter sketch, is a reminder that modern art students who want to work in a realistic style still study skeletons and musculature.

For anatomical sketches of hands and feet through the centuries, click here.

For Ethel Kathleen Cole’s drawing of an almost nude male model (1912) at the Slade, click here.

For Dora Carrington’s drawing of a female nude model (1914), click here.

ADDENDUM: How cool is this? James Gurney has had a dinosaur named for him—Torvosaurus gurneyi!
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