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Picturing a World

Flower Seller

During the summer of 1879, Jeanette not only draws a clump irises at the Cluny (see previous post), but also buys flowers on her way home for watercolor studies in her free time. Buying them makes her feel Parisian—and Gilbert’s painting shows why.

For many more of his paintings of flower sellers, which are posted at the excellent blog, It’s About Time, click here.

For an early photograph of a woman selling flowers form a cart in Paris, click here.

For some summery photos of today’s Parisian flower shops (so welcome in January!), click here.

For a video tour of today’s flower market by the Seine, click here.

A final thought: In giving Jeanette her pleasure in buying flowers, I also drew on an admonition from Sylvia Townsend Warner always to spend at least a little of one’s income on beauty. Even as a penurious editor of Tudor Church Music in the 1920’s, Warner bought flowers weekly. Anybody for making a New Year’s resolution?
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