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Picturing a World

Sea at L’Estaque

Edward is discouraged by his first view outside the L’Estaque train station, but then Winkie turns him around to look out over the bay of Marseille. For another version of this painting, click here. For another view from higher up, click here. For others, click here, here, here, and here.

Cézanne painted at least twenty-five pictures in and around L’Estaque, for he lived there with his model, Marie-Hortense Fiquet, during the Franco-Prussian War and returned many times. In the 1880's, he painted there with Renoir and Monet.

For a two-minute Christie’s gallery talk about his L’Estaque paintings, click here.

For a five-minute video (with commentary in French) about Cézanne and L’Estaque , click here. It shows the town, the gulf, and the surrounding countryside past and present. Even if you don’t speak French, the views are worth watching.
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