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Picturing a World


Time for a photograph at the blog, I thought: I’ll do a post on Eugène Atget. As it happens, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a show up through May 9th, Paris as Muse: Photography, 1840s–1950s, where Atget's Quai d'Anjou can be seen.

I looked at a lot of Atget's photographs at the beginning of my research. The almost eerily detached stillness of his pictures is an æsthetic that did not enter my writing; but his work has a profundity that becomes absorbing the more you look. It is influencing my thoughts about the photographer in my work-in-progress.

For “Atget: the Art of Documentary Photography” at the National Gallery, Washington, click here.

For more from the J. Paul Getty Museum, click here.
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