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Picturing a World


Early in my research when I was discovering that there were indeed women art students in Paris in the late 19th C, I came across this copyist. I have loved her and giggled over her ever since. Wouldn’t Jeanette have longed for that dress? But can any painter, even one who prefers watercolors because they are dainty and dry quickly, ever have worn it to the Louvre to work in? Only a male painter would think so. I have Jeanette spend a lot of time copying over the winter of 1879–1880, but please imagine her in a sensible smock.

NB: Dagnan-Bouveret’s ladylike artist is painting a fan mount. For an anonymous 19th C Fan Design with Mount Vesuvius, click here.

For Degas’ Fan Mount: Ballet Girls (1879), click here.

For a brief, illustrated history of fans at the Fan Museum in Greenwich, England, click here.

For several blog posts about decorated hand fans, click here.
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