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Picturing a World

Painting Edward’s portrait

This painting by Jeanna Bauck (1840-1926) depicts a fancier, better equipped studio than Jeanette’s, but you can imagine my excitement when I found it last year—the right era, a woman assiduously painting a portrait of a sober-faced older man. Bertha Wegmann, the artist shown here would have been closer to Amy Richardson's age than Jeanette's in 1879 and an established artist—but who cares? I felt like I was at Cousin Effie's end of the room, watching.

For an oil sketch by Frédéric Bazille of a plainer studio, more like the one I imagined for Jeanette on the Rue du Fleurus, click here.

For the Swedish-language Wikipedia article on Bauck, click here. And, please, will some art historian publish an account in English of Bauck's career?!?
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