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Picturing a World

Women, art, and marriage

When Amy Richardson and Louise Steadman confront Jeanette with the need to choose between art and love, they remind her of Marie Bracquemond and Berthe Morisot, whose opportunities to show were sadly curtailed by marriage. They also point out that Mary Cassatt knew better than to get married. For a well illustrated post on these three women plus Eva Gonzalès (a pupil of and model for Édouard Manet), click here.

For an earlier essay on all four women in connection with a 2008 exhibition at the de Young/Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, click here.

The career of another of Jeanette’s contemporaries, Mary Louise Fairchild complicates the dire choice posited by Amy and Miss Steadman. After studying at the Académie Julian and with Carolus-Duran, Fairchild married two artists and kept working. (Admittedly, she had to divorce the first one, but that was for personal reasons. Guess.) For a glimpse of her world in Paris, click here. I’ll be posting more about her soon.

Meanwhile, please share any speculations you have about how Jeanette’s future will work out!
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