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Picturing a World

Taking pictures to the Salon

When I ran across this illustration early in my research, I knew Jeanette must ride in an omnibus when she delivered her Salon entry. Omnibuses, in fact, became a minor motif in the novel for no particular thematic reason; I just like them. But the tension involved in submitting work to the Salon, its importance to artists’ careers, and the sheer numbers of artists involved cannot be overstated.

Referring to another Cucuel drawing in the same book, Will H. Low wrote, “The caricature which represents the painter finishing his picture in an open carriage en route to the Salon is hardly exaggerated” (Low, “A Century of Painting,” in McClure’s Magazine, vol. 7, p. 415).

For the complete text of W. C. Morrow's Bohemian Paris of To-Day with many illustrations by Edouard Cucuel, click here.
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