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Picturing a World

Mattie illicit lover

In the first chapter of my work-in-progress, Mattie dresses for her job as a stenographer but daydreams about the coming evening with her lover as she puts on a sexy corset which she has bought from a fancy corsetiere. The model shown here is from 1920 when styles had changed and the profile was different. Still, what I love about the picture is a glimpse of the shop’s self-presentation.

For the article on mannequins from which the photo comes, click here.

For detailed shots of a fancy corset, ca. 1908, click here. The images include shots of the corset’s original box. This amused me because my husband used to work for the American Antiquarian Society, where an important 20th C bibliography was compiled, the scholar’s researcher slips famously being preserved in a corset box.
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