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Picturing a World

Lucy Stone’s milk wagon

I have set ANON in 1908 partly to avoid the need to account for all the glorious woman’s suffrage activity of 1912 and partly because the anxieties, tensions, and precursors to major historical events provide uncertainties that give room for fictional exploration. I try to avoid anachronisms and stay within historical constraints. All the same, wouldn’t I love to have a character convert a milk wagon to a rolling publicity platform the way Lucy Stone did! And, actually, why not? It wouldn’t have to be a vehicle—maybe a converted packing case that gets pulled out to be a booth or a puppet theater at local street fairs. Or maybe just graffiti on a factory wall. Anyway, here’s hoping serendipity has just delivered me a stimulating image—or to be honest, not serendipity, rather a Two Nerdy History Girls Breakfast Links post!

For more on Lucy Stone’s wagon from the Smithsonian, click here.

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