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Picturing a World

Female magazine illustrators

Some readers have been kind enough to ask whether there will be a sequel to Where the Light Falls. So far, my answer is “I don’t know. I don’t have a story yet, but I do know that Jeanette becomes an illustrator.” Partly with her future career in mind and partly as a sidelight to ANONYMITY, I have begun investigating early 20th C women illustrators like May Wilson Preston. With Amy Richardson’s future in mind, I’m also interested in the women who worked in Glasgow, e.g., Margaret MacDonald. Then, of course, there are the Red Rose Girls.

If you have leads on other women magazine illustrators (or any thoughts about what might happen to Jeanette and Edward!), please let me know through the comments below or the contact page at this website.

Paul Giambarba's blog has three informative posts on Preston’s work. They begin here. NB: The whole blog is a wonderful resource.
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