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Picturing a World

Elsa Beskow

Several interests came together for me when I came across Swedish artist, Elsa Beskow (1874–1953)—Jeanette’s future career as an illustrator; my new heroine Mattie’s work in juvenile book publishing; women’s rights; and Scandinavian women artists. As a Christmas present to myself, I bought Peter and Lotta’s Christmas (Petters och Lottas Jul, 1947). I specially love this picture of the Yule Goat because Swedish straw ornaments, especially the ribbon-bedecked goats, are another of my Christmas enthusiasms. (I couldn’t resist a box of pigs this year from the Scandinavian Shoppe.) As the Christmas season gets into full swing, I hope you are finding ways to celebrate in earth-friendly ways, with a few indulgences thrown in!
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