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Picturing a World

Puck Christmas 1908

The true meaning of Christmas may be the opposite of worldly vanity, but I can’t resist posting this image from the period of my present research for ANONYMITY.

San Francisco-based Grant Gordon (best known as a marine painter) provided illustrations to Puck and other periodicals.

I have to assume that my heroine, Mattie, would at least see this cover on the newsstand. Musing on how she would react will tell me something about her character. Readers, do you ever imagine your favorite characters’ encounters with the world outside (or inside!) their fiction? Writers, do you use material culture to investigate your inventions even if you don’t include the items in your story?

Whatever your reading or writing habits, I hope there were some great books in your stocking—and, sure, a little mistletoe in your hair and a fabulous dressing gown. Merry Christmas!
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