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Picturing a World

Black hats

(l) Ellen Day Hale, Self-Portrait (1885); (r) Mina Carlsson-Bredberg, Study, Académie Julian
After I saw Manet’s Woman Reading, I came across these two pictures, both by students in the 1880’s, both of women with the same sort of bangs and ears showing, each wearing a soft-crowned black hat. Could they be the same student?!? Apparently not, but I love pairing them. I imagine Jeanette’s personality as being milder, like Carlson’s model, but both help me visualize her. And I hope Jeanette added some dashing decoration to her hat—though preferably not a stuffed parrot.

For my earlier post on Ellen Day Hale, click here. To go directly to an enlargement of her self-portrait, click here.

Swedish artist Mina Carlson-Bredberg studied at the Académie Julian. For thumbnails of a few of her works, including this one and two depicting the Académie Julian, click here and scroll down. I can’t find a link to a good on-line image of the study shown here, but it is reproduced beautifully in Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Académie Julian, Gabriel P. Weisberg and Jane R. Becker, eds. (N.Y., Dahesh Museum, 1999), p. 35. For a blog post on the book (with a few illustrations) at The Cecilia Beaux Forum, click here.
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