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Picturing a World

Fanny Brate—Another one lost to marriage

In Where the Light Falls, Amy points out bitterly to Jeanette that marriage means the end of a woman’s career in art. So it was for Fanny Brate (1861–1940), a Swedish painter who entered the Royal Swedish Academy of Art in 1880 and subsequently studied at the Académie Colarossi in Paris. After she married philologist Erik Brate, she gave up painting, though she remained a patron of the arts.

My thanks to Charley Parker for this post on Brate, which introduced me to her. It provides excellent details of Brate’s most famous painting, A Day of Celebration.

I chose Art Friends instead because it illustrates a woman painting en plein air amid a crowd of curious onlookers. James Gurney’s post on Ten Top Ways to Deal with Curious Spectators brings the topic right into the present day.
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