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Picturing a World

Green Earth

It happened the way it should. Last week while browsing at a local independent bookstore, I happened on Green Earth by Kim Stanley Robinson. The book is the author’s condensation of his near-future trilogy about climate change, science, and government into one updated novel. It’s wonderful!

And oh, how grimly needed in light of the Trump administration’s assault on science and the public’s right to know what our agencies want to tell us. Scary times.

On a less rueful note: writers, I recommend Robinson’s comments on cutting 300 pages from Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below, and Sixty Days and Counting. We all have to learn to think well about when to trim and when to expand our own work, and it’s interesting to read a top-notch sci-fi writer on what he did.

For a New Yorker article about Robinson as a political writer, click here.
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