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Picturing a World

Norman Garstin

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For the most part, I try to focus on lesser known women artists in this blog; but today my attention was caught by a man new to me, Norman Garstin. He studied with Carolus-Duran in Paris, painted in Brittany at about the same time as Jeanette in Where the Light Falls, and was active in Newlyn, Cornwall, an art colony like the one in Pont Aven. I love it when something enlarges Jeanette’s world for me and makes it seem more real even after publication.

I also think it is useful to keep reminding ourselves that famous people are always surrounded by others who receive less attention or remain invisible yet contribute to the richness of every art, endeavor, and historic or political movement. And what fiction can do is allow us to enter vicariously into lives imagined at the close-grained texture of everyday life.

For Garstin’s work in the context of other painters who worked in Cornwall, click here.
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