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Picturing a World

Writing in Bed (2)

After the frenzy of the holidays, anybody for staying in bed and writing? Dancers, painters, sculptors, and musicians need to be up and about. Women writers may need a room of their own, but many make do with simply writing in bed before they get on with the demands of the day. Add J. K. Rowling to the list (which includes Edith Wharton and Colette). She is quoted in the December 22nd on-line Guardian as tweeting about her writing habits: “Wake up, drag the laptop into bed and get to work. There’s really no need for formal attire.” Maybe that’s why men like Mark Twain and Marcel Proust also wrote in bed.

For Annie Leibovitz’s fantasia on Edith Wharton’s bedroom within an interesting blog post on writers' and designers' working spaces, click here.
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