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Picturing a World

Marie Egner

Marie Egner, Self-Portrait (1878)
A post on Marie Egner at Lines and Colors has just introduced me to this artist. She was an older (and longer-lived) contemporary of the real Jeanette. Born in Radkersburg, Austria, on the Slovenian border, Egner studied in Dusseldorf and exhibited in her native Austria, Germany, and England during a long career. What interests me most about this self-portrait is the expression she has given herself. She is twenty-eight and nobody’s fool, definitely a portrait to inspire at least a short story—perhaps in the form of notebook entries? According to a post, Marie Egner’s Notebooks by Robert Holden, Egner kept pocket diaries all her life in which she jotted down thoughts about art, music, and politics. So many fascinating women! so much to learn! And so much more creative work for all of us to do!

See also the Widder Fine Arts English-language page, Marie Egner, which has a German-language bibliography.
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