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Picturing a World

Béraud at Les Halles

While cleaning up my writing room this week, I found a slip of paper in a box of old research for Where the Light Falls. It noted that a painting of Les Halles by Jean Béraud was shown at the 1879 Salon (at which Jeanette exhibits) and was now at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California. I decided to see whether I could now track it down on line, et voilà.

In my novel, Edward eats at a café frequented by workers at Les Halles, Paris’s central food market. As a focal point here, Béraud (as usual) has placed the sort of Parisienne Jeanette would admire. It still tickles me to run across pictures or anecdotes that fit in with the Paris I visualized for my characters.

It was reassuring to see that another author also takes pleasure in reminders of her work that has been for out a while—in this case a post by Greer Gilman on Cloudish art. As she would say, Oh, my!
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