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Picturing a World

Woman artist on a Breton beach

Yesterday, I went to the Women Artists in Paris, 1850–1900 show at The Clark in Williamstown. As good as I’d hoped—I’ll go again! Meanwhile, as I went through the galleries I played the game of deciding which painting I would choose if I could take one home with me. From that first visit, it would be Löwstädt-Chadwick’s Beach Parasol, Brittany. The canvas is small enough fit on a wall in my house yet bright enough with all that white and the contrasting figure to stand out even in a big exhibition. I enjoyed imagining my artists in Brittany, and here one might be.

It’s a reminder of another theme, too: the female artists and art students sat for each other— as did the men, for that matter. On another visit, I want to pursue that topic.

For another very similar painting from 1880, this one by a man, see Alfred Stevens’ Painter on the Beach.

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