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Picturing a World

Path onward and over

I generally avoid posting photographs because of copyright issues, but Roger Kidd kindly includes the acknowledgment he requires for a Creative Commons reuse, and I do love this picture as an emblem for writing fiction, for facing an uncertain future in the new year, and for the power of nature. The tree is magnificent, and, look, that green, green path leads over an unseen canal. What could be more out there and yet more mysterious?

The Geograph website is one I check every morning for random glimpses of Britain and return to when I want to visualize particular places. Its mission is to collect photographs of every square kilometer of Britain and Ireland, and it can be explored many different ways—by location, photographer, and motif. If you don’t know it, check it out.

And may 2019 bring you many, many new ways to explore your own imagination and the worlds we share. Happy New Year!

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