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Picturing a World

Fiction, nonfiction (2): Antarctica

An earlier post reproduces a drawing included in Julian Dowdeswell and Michael Hambrey's Continent of Antarctica. Today's image of the book's cover gives a taste of the breath-taking photographs found on almost every page. (I'm very glad I bought my own copy to pore over.) Continent also pointed me to Kim Stanley Robinson's near-future novel, Antarctica. Just before COVID-19 closed Massachusetts public libraries, I borrowed it. Robinson has hard-science, environmental, and political interests; he paces his complicated narratives well; and his characters are grown-ups, not space cowboys. I'm looking forward to it. Finally, I've also just discovered the highly informative, bountifully and beautifully illustrated AntarcticGlaciers website. Fiction, nonfiction, and website—in this case, a cool threesome! What are you reading and looking at now that we're all finding ways to use time well in extraordinary circumstances?

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