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Picturing a World

Pure democracy

The small New England town where I live operates as a pure democracy. Every year, we have (1) a caucus to place the names of candidates for boards and committees on a ballot for (2) the town election, which is followed by (3) the annual Town Meeting at which every citizen votes on every bylaw and the budget. In these coronavirus days, our weekly newsletter just announced how we'll proceed with Step 1:

Town Caucus, Saturday May 9th 11:00 a.m.
We will be holding the Town Caucus in the Consolidated School Parking lot. You will be asked to remain in your vehicles for the duration of the meeting. After you check in with the registrars you will be assisted in parking your car and given the radio station to tune into. (similar to a drive-in movie theater) when we call for a vote we will ask you to stick your arm out the window so that we can see your vote. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we navigate through all of this.
Anybody up for trying a fiction-writing exercise to fashion a short story on "What could go wrong" or "How the UFO invaded" or "What happened when …"?


Image via The New York Pubic Library Digital Collection.

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