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Picturing a World


Kathleen Jennings is the first to say that her new short novel, Flyaway, is not for everyone. But if you are a fantasy-fiction aficionado, yes. If you keep an eye on the arts Down Under, yes. If you are a fan of illustrated books and especially Jennings' own silhouettes, yes. If you are interested in how to adapt traditional European folklore to modern settings in the rest of the world, yes. And if you want to observe a skillful unfolding of one plot (the gothic story) that at the same time explores a quite different center of emotion (a damaged yet potent friendship), yes.


For Jennings' link to a review and her comment on it, click here.


For another review, click here.


To read an excerpt from Flyaway, click here.


To read a complete short story, "Undine Love," click here. It introduces the Damsons,, and I hope there are more stories about them to come.


NB: I bought the American edition with its hyped-up jacket from my local independent bookstore; but I prefer Jennings own, cleaner version of the cover art, so I posted it.

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