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Picturing a World

Santa puzzle

Last year, I bought this jigsaw puzzle of Norman Rockwell's Santa, put it in a drawer, and forgot about it. What fun to rediscover it when I brought out my old Journey of the Magi to rebuild. (It is now missing one piece, alas). Last night, I began sorting the pieces of Santa. Perfect entertainment for this self-isolating holiday. Maybe there's a short story in the puzzle that got put away and forgotten.


Other possibilities include something cute about Santa going to sleep or the elf who stowed away in the birdhouse or a wry tale about Santa during a pandemic. Maybe the pieces of a wooden puzzle could be magical, or a missing piece could be a clue in a mystery story or a puzzle in its box might be found in a distant future of a profoundly different climate and culture. For now, for me, Santa is enough in itself!

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