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Picturing a World

Gods of Pegana

Just when you think you've seen everything, an insurrectionist mob overruns the U. S. Capitol. And just when you think you know a field, along comes something major to shake up your over-confidence. Last night, after following the news closely all day, I escaped into rereading Elswyth Thane's Tryst. Sabrina, the heroine finds a book, The Gods of Pegana, in the mysterious Hilary's locked bedroom. The title looked vaguely familiar, but I sure didn't know the book. Well, my Mattie would!

Published in 1905, Pegana was the first work of fantasy by the hugely influential Lord Dunsany, whose King of Elfland's Daughter was one of my favorites when I was first immersing myself in the genre. Pegana was illustrated by an artist new to me, Sidney H. Sime.  The Harvard University blog post has a link to a digitized copy.  I'd rather borrow a physical library book, but my district's interlibrary loan system is down for maintenance today, so I settle for looking at a few pages and adding it to my To Read list.


And good luck to us all in handling the news from Washington!

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