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Picturing a World

Neanderthal to the moon

An idea on p. 57 of Rebecca Wragg Sykes' absorbing book, Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art, jumped out at me: The smell in the air when stone implements are knapped is like just the smell of the silica-rich powder blanketing the moon. A haiku followed whole, not a syllable needed changing:

A Neanderthal
Knaps a flint. Silica flies.
Sharp tang of moon dust.
What a lift any burst of creativity gives you, however minor! And what a follow-up pleasure came when I found this image linked to an interview with Sykes about her book. At about minute 37, she discusses how chimpanzees love to paint pictures but don't seem much interested in the finished product. It's the doing that matters. Amen.

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